Latest information on San Diego Diocese
Response to COVID-19 (updated 3/21)

In compliance with the Governor’s Executive Order asking all Californians to “shelter in place,” all parishes and schools of the diocese in San Diego and Imperial Counties will remain closed until further notice.

As a diocese, we strongly support these recommendations and defer to the opinion of health experts. This is not a challenge to our Catholic beliefs. On the contrary, we respect the science and want no part of putting the health of our fellow parishioners or their families at risk.

The following restrictions and cancellations are in place until the COVID-19 emergency is over:

  1. Mass cannot be celebrated publicly in any form or place.
  2. Baptisms which cannot be postponed, must be private and include only members of the immediate family.
  3. Rites for the dead are limited to interment services at the cemetery with less than ten people; funeral masses will be postponed until COVID-19 has been contained.
  4. Confirmation and First Communions will be rescheduled when the public health emergency is over.
  5. There can be no communion services or liturgy of the word.
  6. Communal anointing and reconciliation services are prohibited.
  7. Weddings are to be postponed, or to take place with less than ten people.
  8. Quinceaneras must be postponed.
  9. The Easter sacraments usually given to those participating in the RCIA will be postponed to Pentecost.
  10. The Chrism Mass will be celebrated by the Bishops and the oils delivered to the deans’ parish offices.

The ministry to the sick will continue.

  1. It is essential that the priestly mission to the sick be continued on a personal basis, including men and women who may have COVID-19.
  2. The Sacrament of Anointing will be performed using a swab. Priests will stay at least six feet away from patients that they are visiting, except for the moment of anointing.
  3. In every action in the priestly ministry to the sick, there will be a careful balance between serving those who are sick as Jesus did, and the need to protect the health of our priests. Priests may bring the Eucharist to those who are seriously ill and hear their confessions.

As many churches of the diocese will remain open as possible.

  1. As much as possible, churches will remain open during the day for private visitation and prayer. Call your parish or consult your parish website for more information.
  2. Also, we are trying to provide as many opportunities for parishioners to go confession as possible. This may require you to make an appointment at your parish.  Again, call your parish or consult the parish website for more information.

Masses will be livestreamed or taped as necessary and available on the Diocesan website

  1. Sunday Masses will be available on the diocesan website in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. Daily Masses will also be available in English and Spanish.
  2. Individual parishes are being encouraged to livestream daily and Sunday masses for parishioners. Check your parish website to see if your parish is livestreaming.
  3. The diocese will provide streaming and recording of Holy Thursday Mass, the Good Friday liturgy, the Easter Vigil, and Easter Sunday Mass. Check the diocesan website starting on April 9, Holy Thursday.