About Us


The Office for Ethnic and Intercultural Communities, embracing cultural diversity as a strength of our Church, envisions sustaining each Catholic community’s unique cultural and traditional expressions of faith, while offering a sense of unity with all Catholics in the Diocese of San Diego, for the greater glory and honor of God.


The Office for Ethnic and Intercultural Communities is committed to the inclusion and fuller participation of all God’s people in the life and ministry of the Church by building up their Catholic identity in a spirit of unity in diversity.
The Office, in collaboration with Diocesan Pastoral Ministries and Agencies, provides resources and services that:

  • Promotes on-going dialogue, cultural awareness and understanding of the Ethnic Catholic communities within the Diocese;
  • Encourages parish and diocesan connections with those groups that do not have a parish representative body;
  • Empowers ethnic leaders to build up faith communities in the Church;
  • Builds coalition among ethnic groups by encouraging leadership in the pursuit for spiritual growth.

Father Michael Pham


Very Rev. Michael Pham

Vicar for Ethnic & Intercultural Communities
(858) 490-8306

Charlotte Fajardo

Program & Event Coordinator
(858) 271-0207 ext. 1204

Alejandra Díaz

Assistant to the Vicar
(858) 490-8306