Ecumenical Activities

June 29, 2019 – Light of the East Conference – 8 am – 4 pm

Through this Office, the Diocese has been actively involved in:

  • The Anglican/Roman Catholic Dialogue of San Diego
    • – Episcopal-Roman Catholic Covenant of 1994 (Printer friendly)
    • – Explanation of the Covenant (Printer friendly)
  • Catholic Association of Diocesan Ecumenical Officers (CADEIO)
  • The Billy Graham Mission to San Diego Planning Committee (May, 2003)
  • The Society of St. John Chrysostom Catholic/Orthodox Dialogue
  • The Annual National Workshop on Christian Unity
  • West Coast Catholic/Muslim Dialogues, sponsored by the USCCB

Through the Office, the Diocese is represented in a number of ecumenical and interreligous prayer services, gatherings, lecture series, and social outreach programs.


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Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith - June 29, 2007 Statement: Responses to Some Questions Regarding Certain Aspects of the Doctrine of the Church

Interfaith Activities

Through this Office, the Diocese has been actively involved in:

  • The San Diego Council of Abrahamic Faiths
  • The West Coast Catholic/Muslim Dialogue

Bearing Witness Program for Catholic Educators

The Office also works closely with the Jewish Community of San Diego, participating in events sponsored by the American Jewish Committee , the Anti-Defamation League and several, individual congregational events.

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