Building Your Domestic Church: Actions

Several research studies have indicated that parents’ involvement in a church has a profound effect on whether their children will remain Catholic. Is Mass attended regularly? Are parents involved in parish ministries and share in parish community, especially with other families?

Upcoming Events

If you and your family are new to the neighborhood, take some time to visit a few parishes and discern which one is the right fit for you and your family. Realistically, it’s best to find a parish accessible enough in which you could see yourself participating during the week such as bible studies or other faith formation activities, so don’t choose a parish that’s too far away from where you live. Don’t forget that attending a parish in your own neighborhood is a wonderful way to connect locally, to feel the heartbeat of the local community, and to build friendships with people you wouldn’t otherwise associate with! If you are newly married and find yourself gravitating to the parish where you grew up in a neighborhood that’s far away, consider planting new roots in a local parish where you and your spouse can begin a new chapter of your adventure in Christ together as a couple.

Does the family volunteer for community organizations that serve the vulnerable and honor the dignity of life?

Here are a list of ways to get involved in serving the vulnerable and honoring the dignity of life:

  • Participate in events related to the 40 Days for Life Campaign: View Page.
  • Participate in the annual Walk for Life.
  • Adopt a Senior.
  • Become pen-pals with a prisoner.
  • Walk with moms in need by volunteering with a faith-based family and women’s health care clinic such as COLFS or BirthChoice.
  • Volunteer with Catholic Charities San Diego.
  • Work together as a family to care for creation. Click here for a list of suggestions.

Does the family have a mission statement?

Healthy and successful family life takes planning and intentionality. What matters to you and your family? What are you about as a family? Secular organizations and companies craft mission statements to help them remain focused on what’s most important to them. Why don’t families do the same? Here are some resources that may assist you and your family as you craft your own family mission statement.


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