Fertility Awareness Based Methods

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Below you can find general information about FABM/NFP, different methods and local instructors.

What is FABM/NFP?

FABM (Fertility Awareness Based Methods), or NFP (Natural Family Planning), is an umbrella term for the various methods to chart a woman’s cycle. These methods track various protocols and biomarkers to inform couples about the hormones that drive a woman’s menstrual cycle, especially when a woman is fertile and infertile. Ultimately, Fertility Awareness is knowledge.
That knowledge opens a whole world for understanding a woman’s unique and individual hormonal processes, diagnosing and treating disorders, and planning a family.

FABM/NFP Providers:

Family of the Americas

Family of the Americas

Family of the Americas promotes the Ovulation Method.

What is the Ovulation Method?

This method teaches women to be aware of the unique properties of a natural secretion produced periodically throughout her reproductive years. Not only does the presence of this secretion signal fertility, it is also essential for conception.

To find a local instructor or register for a class in English, contact Brenda Heyman at 619-994-2934
To find a local instructor or register for a class in Spanish, contact Nora Mendez at 858-490-8299

Creighton Model Fertility Method

Creighton Model Fertility Method

The Creighton Model relies upon observation and charting of biological markers of a woman’s health and fertility to tell the couple when they are naturally fertile and infertile. This system allows the couple to achieve or to avoid pregnancy.

To find Fertility Care Centers with certified Creighton Model teachers in San Diego, visit: www.fertilitycare.org

  • North County Coastal AreaOrchid Fertility Center in Oceanside619-630-8086 & anna@orchidfertility.com
  • North County Inland AreaCulture of Life Family Services FertilityCare Center of Escondido760-741-1224/760-741-7010 & pfpndxtr@roadrunner.com
  • Central San Diego AreaCulture of Life Family Services FertilityCare Center of San Diego619-692-4401/619-692-8147 & pfpndxtr@roadrunner.com
Couple to Couple League

Couple to Couple League

CCL (Couple to Couple League) provides information about NFP, the process and different methods.


Sympto-Thermal Method, a modern, scientific and highly effective way to postpone or achieve pregnancy – Certified teaching couples to help guide you and your fiance/spouse

To register for a class or find a local instructor, visit: www.ccli.org and click on “Search/Register for Classes.”

Northwest Family Services

Northwest Family Services

Northwest Family Services helps couples enhance their knowledge of fertility, importance of periodic abstinence and shared responsibility in family planning through Symptopro Fertility Education.

What is Symptopro?

Symptopro is a Sympto-Thermal Method of fertility charting, based on changes in a woman’s cervical mucus, waking or resting temperature and cervix.

To find a local instructor or register for a class, visit: symptopro.org