Sexual Trauma

Anne Richardson is the author of Not Alone:  Transforming Trauma and Accompanying Survivors.  She is a spiritual director, leader of trauma groups for women called Not Alone, and workshop presenter.  As a survivor of childhood molestation, her passion is to share with others that there is hope for deeper healing with God. She shares her journey, true stories of survivors, and spiritual practices that heal.

Anne Richardson and Joe Lonergan presented their Healing Pathways workshop on accompanying survivors of sexual trauma in January 2020.

Additional Resources for Sexual Violence and Sex Trafficking

If you are a survivor of sexual violence or a friend or family member of a survivor of sexual violence, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) is available to help. NSVRC is the leading nonprofit in providing information and tools to prevent and respond to sexual violence. NSVRC translates research and trends into best practices that help individuals, communities and service providers achieve real and lasting change. NSVRC also works with the media to promote informed reporting. Every April, NSVRC leads Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), a campaign to educate and engage the public in addressing this widespread issue.  They also provide many resources for educators and advocates.

The San Diego Family Justice Center, the first center of its kind in the United States, provides help and hope to women, men and children who are victims of family violence and sex trafficking. Every day victims find safety, protection from their abuser, legal help, counseling, food, clothing, spiritual support, medical assistance, and so many other free services from the Center’s professionals and volunteers.

For more information regarding the Family Justice Center’s services, please contact them at (866) 933-4673.

Services for Victims of Rape or Sexual Assault

Coastal Location(858) 272-5777
East County Location(619) 697-7477
North County Location(760) 747-6282
San Diego County(888) 385-4657