Loss of a Loved One

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” – (Matthew 5:4)

Books on Loss

Death Of A Child: Reflections for Grieving: Elaine E. Stillwell

El Nuevo Día

Loss of a Spouse
Loss of a Child
Loss from Suicide
Support Groups around the Diocese
Loss of a Spouse

Beginning Experience Weekend


This weekend program is intended for those suffering the loss of a love relationship as widowed, divorced or separated, who are ready to come to terms with that loss and move forward with their lives.

  • Helps grieving persons focus on their experience and emerge from the darkness of grief into the light of a new beginning.
  • Offers an opportunity, through God, for turning the pain of loss into a basis for positive growth.
  • Founded by a Catholic nun and rooted in the Christian tradition, the ministry’s open, inclusive spirit serves those of all faiths.

Upcoming retreat dates: May 1-3, 2020 and Oct. 9-11, 2020 at Prince of Peace Abbey in Oceanside.

For more information, please contact BeginningExperienceSD@gmail.com.


Catholic Widows & Widowers of North County (CWWNC)


We are a non-profit social group of friendly Catholic ladies and gentlemen. Every month, our members enjoy happy hours, dinners, hikes and lively conversation, and we invite you to join us.

Loss of a Child

The Emmaus Ministry for Grieving Parents


The Emmaus Ministry for Grieving Parents serves the spiritual needs of parents whose children of any age have died by any cause.

Life Perspectives


Life Perspectives brings hope and healing to men and women impacted by reproductive loss including miscarriage and abortion. They provide safe, anonymous tools to begin healing as well as training to equip leaders and health care professionals to effectively provide support.



Miscarriage Hurts is meant to offer a safe place to share your story, help you better understand your own personal experience, and connect you to resources that can provide support for your specific needs.

Whether the loss is your own or that of a loved one, we sincerely hope you find the resources in this website helpful and that they are able to assist you in moving forward through your healing journey.



This confidential space is for those who are touched by abortion, whether the experience happened recently or years ago.

Abortion Changes You is a refuge for those who wish to tell their story and begin the process of healing.

Loss from Suicide

Recommended Book

Recommended Resource for Teens & Parents

“I’m here for you, and I see your amazing value as a human being, even if you can’t right now.

You matter. You count. You can’t be erased.”


Support Groups around the Diocese

St. Brigid’s (San Diego)

  • Our Ministry of Consolation offers a seasonal bereavement group. Seasons of Hope is a Christ-centered grief support group for those in need of consolation after losing a loved one.  Each series consists of six consecutive weekly meetings, with a new series offered four times a year.  The six week series is a small group journey – as opposed to a drop-in group.  Each session includes prayer, Scripture, faith-sharing, and fellowship facilitated by the bereavement ministry team.  To pre-register or for more information, please contact Lee Hulburt.
  • Seasons of Hope Saint Brigid Brochure

Mission San Diego de Alcala

  • In addition to assisting at Funeral and Memorial masses, the Mission’s Bereavement Ministry offers two unique, compassionate groups to assist mourners through their healing process.  The Seasons of Hope group helps explore mourning through scripture, prayer, reflection activities and faith sharing.  Facilitators provide participants with journals for each Season.  The Grief Support Group allows members of the faith community to share their journey with licensed mental health professionals.  Contact Dr. Roberta Flynn with questions regarding either group, drrflynn@hotmail.com or (619) 980-9244.  See their calendar here.

Ascension (Tierrasanta)

  • The Grief Support Group of Ascension Catholic Church believes that before we know it, that God brings us alongside someone else who is going through hard times so that we can be with that person as God has been there for us.  For more information about the group or to attend a monthly meeting, please contact Sandy Canzoneri at (858) 565-2101.


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