Mental Health Ministry

Treatment Resources

The Office for Family Life & Spirituality maintains a list of therapists available for referral.

The University of San Diego’s Tele-mental Health Training Clinic is a community clinic operated by faculty members in the counseling program at the University of San Diego. Counseling services are provided by graduate-level counseling trainees under the supervision of a California licensed professional clinical counselor. The Clinic is now live and ready to take appointments!

Amwell, MDLive, and Doctor on Demand all provide face-to-face online therapy sessions with licensed psychologists, social workers and other mental health disciplines with a wide variety of specialties.

Additional resources include:

Ending the Stigma Associated with Mental Illness

  • A Pastoral Letter from the Bishops of California on Caring for Those Who Suffer from Mental Illness

Additional Resources for Coping During Pandemic


On the Power of Prayer. From a recent article in The Wall Street Journal:

“All the people who’ve lately been praying more may be onto something, said Elizabeth Bernstein in The Wall Street Journal. Scientific studies of prayer are limited, but available research suggests that prayer provides similar benefits to meditation’s: “It can calm your nervous system, shutting down your fight-or-flight response. It can make you less reactive to negative emotions and less angry.” A person has to want to pray, and not out of anger, but prayer may even have a slight edge over meditation: One 2005 study found that people who pray 20 minutes a day experienced greater reductions in anxiety and stress, a result some researchers attribute to their feeling a sense of emotional support, of connection to community and a higher power. Maybe people know that already: In March, around the world, the number of Google searches for prayer skyrocketed.” (5/29/20 edition of The Week)

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