Saving the marriage?

Reconciliation may be possible even if you’re struggling in your marriage or considering divorce.
Below you will find resources that could prove to be helpful in saving and renewing your marriage.


People can and do change and marriages can change for the better. The many couples that have participated in the Retrouvaille Program over the years decided to make the investment in each other to continue their journey of marriage. It can be a difficult choice, but in making your decision, consider the investment you have already made in each other. Reconciliation and healing are possible if you are willing to put the past behind you and look beyond the hurt and the pain, in order to rediscover each other in a new and positive way. Retrouvaille can be the fresh start your marriage needs.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Your marriage is your most important relationship! NOW is a good time to invest time in your healthy, happy relationship, and reconnect with your spouse. Renew the commitment, intimacy and passion in your marriage.

Grupo de Matrimonios (Spanish)

Ayudan a las parejas a vivir su matrimonio con amor y felicidad. Ofrecen retiros durante todo el ano.
Consulte con su parroquia local para obtener mas informacion

Marriage Counseling

Seeking help is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of courage and strength. Don’t wait until the hurt and mistrust have grown out of control. You can locate therapists or mental help professionals from our region who understand and respect the religious beliefs and values of their Catholic clients at:


Ricardo J. Marquez, Ph.D
Associate Director
Phone: (858) 490-8295
Janelle Peregoy
Associate Director, Separated & Divorced Ministry
Phone: (858) 490-8292
Nora Mendez
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (858) 490-8299