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Week-by-Week Guide

Share Homily 2 and get ready to play Week 3 homily at Sunday Mass

We hope the process of presenting a pre-recorded homily at Mass got a little easier last weekend. Parishes are asked to share the third and final pre-recorded homily at their Sunday Masses on Sept. 26.

And we urge each parish to share the second week’s homily through their Flocknote, social media and other electronic means at their disposal to reach those individuals who are not at Mass.

The links to the videos of the first two weeks of homilies (in English, Spanish and Vietnamese) are available for sharing at

The diocese also will be sharing the second week’s videos throughout the week on its Facebook page, @DioceseSanDieo. Parishes may share these posts on their social media.

As in the previous two weekends, here is what parishes are asked to do at Sunday Mass:

  • Introduce the third pre-recorded homily by reading the Week 3 text found in the section below: “Proposed Introduction to Homilies at Mass.”
  • Present the third pre-recorded homily in the language of preference.

The initiative continues on Sunday, Oct. 3, when each parish’s pastor is to proclaim a homily focused on the Eucharist in the context of his community in these times.

This page has links to all of the recordings, which can be downloaded for use by the parish. They are available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese, and in video and audio formats. As always, parishes are encouraged to test the recordings well before Mass to ensure they will work well during the service.

This page includes technical recommendations to help parishes present the recordings, and offers resources to help them to promote this initiative.

See below for the text of the readings, and a suggested bulletin item for Week 3 of the pre-recorded homilies.

Please contact our office if you have any questions.

THIS PAGE WILL BE UPDATED, links added, so please check back regularly,

Proposed Introduction To Homilies At Mass

After his reading of the Gospel, the priest or deacon can introduce the homily, which then will be played in either a video or audio format.

Diocesan Public Webpage

The homilies also will be presented to the public through a webpage on the diocese’s site, at and Each homily will be available to view at noon on Sunday during the weekend it is presented. Parishes will be able to share the links to web pages and and to the individual homilies through their electronic communications.

We recommend you add a button on your parish website to connect to this page. We offer a graphic below that you may use for that purpose.


Starting week of Aug. 30 – Parishes are invited to begin to promote the Eucharist program in their communications, which may include their bulletin, website, social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), Flocknote, and other electronic means. This promotion should extend at least through October.

Sept. 11-12 Present Bishop’s introductory video and Homily 1: “The Eucharist is a direct personal encounter with Jesus Christ.”

The readings that week will be: [131] Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B.

Sept. 18-19 Present Homily 2: “The Eucharist is the sacrificial memorial of Christ’s passion, death and resurrection by which we have been redeemed.”

The readings that week will be: [134] Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B.

Sept. 25-26 Present Homily 3: “The Eucharist is the sacred meal that nurtures us, bonds us together and sends us forth to transform the world.”

The readings that week will be:

**Updated** ENGLISH

  • Mass: Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B
  • First Reading: [882-8] Isaiah 32:15-18,
  • Responsorial Psalm: [122] Ps 34:2-3, 16-17, 18-19, 20-21
  • Second Reading: [43] Acts 2:42-47
  • Gospel Acclamation:
    • “Lord Jesus, open the Scriptures to us; make our hearts burn while you speak to us.”
  • Gospel: [46] Luke 24:13-35


  • Misa: XXVI Domingo Ordinario, Ciclo B
  • Primera Lectura: [118] Isaías 32, 15-18
  • Salmo Responsorial: Del salmo 133
  • Segunda Lectura: [444] Hechos 2,42-47
  • Aclamación Antes del Evangelio Lc 244, 32
    • “Señor Jesús, haz que comprendamos las Escrituras. Enciende nuestro corazón mientras nos hablas.”
  • Evangelio: [358] Lucas 24,13-35

Oct. 02-03 Parish pastor will continue this focus in his own homily, addressing the elements of the Eucharist that are important to his community at this moment.

Sept. 25-26 Readings

Technical Recommendations For Playing Homilies At church

Download Technical Recommendations

Proposed Bulletin Text

The following is suggested text that could be used to promote this program in the bulletin. You’re invited to develop your own text to meet your community’s needs.

Week 1: Sept. 11-12

Homily 1:

Suggested bulletin text in
Link to download Document

Link to download Document

Link to download Document

Week 2: Sept. 18-19

Homily 2:

Suggested bulletin text in
Link to download Document

Link to download Document

Link to download Document

Week 3: Sept. 25-26

Homily 3:

Suggested bulletin text in
**NEW** Link to download Document

**NEW** Link to download Document

Link to download Document

Social Media Graphics

Below, please find graphics available for downloading by the parishes to be used on social media, or you can develop your own. Please use your own caption.

How to download graphics: Select the link, right click on the image, select Save Image As, then click Save.

Please link the graphics to the landing page for this initiative:

Teaching Masses

Parishes will be provided with a detailed guide, which will be sent to pastors and posted on this page in the coming days. Please check back.

In the meantime, please consider this:

  • These Masses are to begin at their scheduled time. It’s envisioned that the explanation of the rituals will add about additional five minutes to the Mass.
  • Initial explanation about the Mass is to begin before the opening procession.
  • It’s recommended that the pastor and the commentator rehearse the presentation of the instructional content.


Questions about the content:
Aida Bustos

Technical questions about presenting video and audio in the church: