Women Religious Communities

"We the Daughters of Divine Charity of Holy Province, make God's love visible in the world by reaching out to those in need, especially to women, youth, and the elderly."

"Our mission consists of striving with diligence and alertness to sanctifying our souls... We offer ourselves as an individual with all different kinds of talents and tasks flowing together in community life."

"In the mission of Jesus we Adrian Dominican Sisters discover and identify ourselves as women called together to share faith and life with one another and sent into our world to be with others bearers and recipients of his love co-creators of his justice and peace."

"Joyful women of prayer and compassion who proclaim the Reign of God through ministry for justice and reverence for all creation."

"Our Dominican tradition of contemplation impels us to collaborate in networks of spiritual, educational and political commitment to create a just society that addresses basic human needs and ends the violence that erodes our planet."

"To make salvation present by being instruments of peace, with joy and Franciscan simplicity, in unity and mercy above all human suffering."

"Somos una familia religiosa dedicada a la evangelización y a la promoción humana. Nos une el infinito amor al Corazón de Jesús en la Eucaristía."

"The spirit of the institute is that of charity, based on the love of God and of neighbor in the imitation of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Our mission is an adventure in faith, hope and love that can bring us to places or communities where people live in great poverty, lack basic health care or experience human tragedy and deep suffering. There we believe our work of healing and human development makes God’s presence alive and gives dignity even to the most marginalized and stigmatized people in our world."

"Our life revolves around the Eucharist. It is there, in silent adoration of the Blessed Sacrament that we discover the actual captivities that enslave us and our brothers and sisters."

"Our specific vocation in the Church is to be at one and the same time Missionary, Marist, Religious."

"Love implies a demand for justice, recognition of dignity, and the rights of one's neighbor. This may involve speaking out against unjust situations and/or working ot change structures that oppress the most vulnerable in our church and society."

"As Claudine Thevenet grew in knowledge, wisdom and age, she discovered that "the best support to faithfulness in ministry is the loving help of friends who share one's desires." Early on, after the French Revolution, she began to know the consoling power of an expanding community, even before the foundation of her religious congregation."

"Educators in all we do. For us, teaching extends beyond the classroom and into the lives of the people we serve-especially women, children and persons who are poor."

"The Mission of Sisters for Christian Community is to birth a new understanding of the reign of God. We envisoin building a global community where all will be one, and where openness to the Spirit empowers us to search new and challenging horizons."

"Our founding call is to bring God's compassionate love to the world."

"As Sisters of Mercy, rooted in the spirituality of Catherine McAuley, we embrace lives of both prayer and service. In our times of prayer, we recognize God’s mercy in our daily lives and respond by offering ourselves to be a merciful presence and resource for others. We do this through our ministry in parishes, hospitals, schools and universities and in our retreat centers."

"The charism of this community is to spread the message of the Redeeming Love of Jesus of Nazarene to all the families by bringing them to COMMUNION with the Trinity and Communion with the Fellow Human Beings."

"Apostolic Sisters of the Good Shepherd listen to the weary, often muted voices of the poor and the disadvantaged - especially women and children - and then do something about it. Weconfront the structures of our world that devalue the dignity of the human person, and we let our hears be softened and shaped by the people we serve."

"The Sisters of Providence are a community of Catholic women religious who collaborate with othes to create a more just and hope-filled world through prayer, education, service and advocacy."

"We, Sisters of Social Service, are women of many cultures who come together to fulfill the Gospel call to care for the alienated. The right of all people to live in dignity is at the heart of our work and of our religious faith."

"The Sisters of St. Clare are contemplative women who live in community and are engaged in a variety of ministries using their gifts and talents in the srvice of God's people."

"We Clinton Franciscans, in the spirit of Saint Francis and Saint Clare, are called to contemplation and continual conversion and are sent as instruments of God's peace. We promote active nonviolence and peacemakeing, seek justice for those marginalized and care for all creation."

"We, the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, choose to live the Gospel in the prophetic spirit of Francis of Assisi and our foundress Mother Francis Bachmann. With Jesus Christ as Brother, we live as sister with one another, with the entire human family, and with all creation. Calling ourselves and one another to continuous conversion of heart, we commit ourselves to a life of contemplation, poverty, and humility."

"Led by the Holy Spirit to embrace the Gospel life of continual conversion, through prayer, community and service, in the tradition of Francis, Clare and Mother Alfred, we, Rochester Franciscan Sisters and Cojourners, commit ourselves to be a compassionate presence for peace in our world, striving for justice and reverence for all creation."

"As Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, we have committed ourselves to deepening our response to God's call to transformation according to the Gospel. In living our mission, we strive to embrace the uniqueness of each member and our life in community together as an effective sign of love expressed through: Fostering Christian community, Relating in mutuality with others, Extending hospitality, Balancing a life of prayer and action, Reverencing all of creation, Embracing the option for the poor, Working for justice through systemic change. Women of faith touching a world in need."

"Our mission: To continue the mission of Jesus "that all may be one," (John 17:21) We minister is a way that: heals and reconciles, serves all persons without distinction, makes known through their lives the gospel they proclaim, enables others to assume a more active responsiblity for continuing the mission of Jesus, recognizes and defends the human dignity of all persons. promotes justice with a particular concern for the poor."

"The mission of all Sisters of St. Joseph is a participation in the mission of Jesus: to bring all people into union with God and with one another, serving them according to their needs and their own various gifts, in all the spiritual and corporal works of mercy that may be within the power of the congretation."

"To rejoice in God's presence and to help people believe that God lives and acts in them and in our world."

"The Society of the Sacred Heart unites some 2,200 women in 41 countries in a global mission: to deepen our understanding of God’s love and reveal it to the world through the service of education."

"We are called to love as the Blessed Virgin Mary loved, by immersing our minds and hearts in God in a continual act of adoration, so that our entire lives become an expression of the love of the Son for the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit."

"Catholic Sisters increasing the love of Jesus in the Eucharist and Mary, his mother, through the ecclesial ministry of Catholic education."

"We are called to love as the Blessed Virgin Mary loved, by immersing our minds and hearts in God in a continual act of adoration, so that our entire lives become an expression of the love of the Son for the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit."

"We witness to the Gospel message by our love for one another, by our prayer, by our awareness of the call to conversion and by our ministry. We accomplish our mission of evangelization through Christian education, especially the faith formation of young people, by outreach to the elderly, and by discerning other needs which call forth gifts and talents of the Sisters."

"We are daughters of St. Teresa of Avila who profess an allegiance to Jesus Christ by living a consecrated life of silent, solitary prayer in a small community of sisters where we strive each day to help one another grow in love and joy, depth and devotion as we journey toward our goal: union with God."

The Aim of our Society is to quench [[the] infinite thirst of God Made Man...
The Missionaries of Charity, using the four vows,... continually give the thirsting God to drink of their love and the love of souls they bring to Him.

Urged by the redeeming love of Jesus the Christ and rooted in Eucharistic prayer, we Sisters of the Precious Blood proclaim God’s love by being a life-giving, reconciling presence in our fractured world.

We are called to become ‘Myeon-Hyeong-Mu-A’ (Eucharistic kenosis) in the spirit of martyrdom, which is a life uniting us in the mystery of the cross of Jesus Christ and the mystery of the Eucharist.


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