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Encounters of Youth Promotion

The movement of meetings of youth promotion is an international private Association of faithful of Pontifical right for the evangelization of youth. Using a method enables the experience and coexistence of what is common Christian, to promote youth groups that are fermenting Gospel environments and help enhance the integral vocation, leadership and personality of the young and the young.

Its founder is Jose Maria Pujadas. Home courses of Christianity in the Diocese of Girona and take them to Paris. It was precisely this activity in workshops that made to first travel to Colombia. Following the advice of Pablo VI and in keeping with the priority option for the youth of the Latin American Bishops meeting in Medellin, and in collaboration with other priests and lay people, in 1968 began in Colombia the movement of meetings of youth promotion which then spread throughout Central America. In 1974 return to Barcelona claimed by his Bishop, Cardinal Narcis Jubany, where home and addressed the meetings of youth promotion, alternating this activity with the coordination and management at the international level of the movement, which led to other Nations.

Encounters of youth promotion currently exists in 14 countries across four regions, namely: Northern Region: United States and Mexico. Central America: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama. Sur-Caribe region: Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Region europeo: Spain and Italy.

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The motion meets internationally; active groups in Chicago, IL; Argentina; and Spain. The beginning of days home with the Marist brothers in 1959. Brother Arturo Chávez de la Mora along with others unveiled this movement to the C.U.M. ( Mexico University Center ). The objective was to focus on the bosom of the Christian school, eager to give their students a more extensive religious training. The need they had young people know more of God, spurring a group of teachers and people dedicated to serving youth – to develop a structured thematic of certain techniques, which lead to the young Christian to discover a new sense of their faith. Also the young descubrian in those days the commitment of all Christians in the Church, in the four stages that are marked: man, christian, saint and apostle. The success of the Conference was such that soon be extended outside the C.U.M., parishes and high schools cato1icas. He was so young pierced borders to carry other places their “journeys.” The method was adapted, and accordingly the school’s auxiliary was formed in the Archdiocese of Mexico. The collaboration with the Pbro. José Alfonso Candia then appointed Director of the movement in the same Archdiocese, home and blessed this movement.

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Administrative Assistant
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